It’s not every day that we get to enjoy a well-written review on one of our products – much less two!   We’re always thrilled when a Wolf Cinema article is published, in this instance as provided by, a popular Russian publisher covering the very latest in audio, video and high-end consumer technologies.  Many thanks for their excellent in-depth analysis. 

Below are links to the reviews on models TXF-700 and TXF-2000, both in the ‘Theater Extreme 4K’ series.  I’m impressed after reading these reviews – their team truly “gets it” as they discussed how high-end products can offer tremendous value in their respective price class.  They recognize that we hand-build limited edition solutions to deliver some of the finest video images yet available, in uniquely designed platforms that remain far ahead of atypical mass market offerings.  They spoke at length to the need for better performing products, and felt our superior designs more than met that challenge.

Open these links (try the Google Chrome browser, and select the translate option into your desired language):



A couple of ‘edited and translated’ excerpts:


 “Wolf Cinema’s TXF-700 is by no means the most expensive and ultimate model from the company, but despite this it has all the features of ‘High End’ video equipment.

 It – like the hardware of the same level – looks like a million dollars, has a high-tech [engine], is original in entirety and has unique technologies that mass equipment manufacturers do not dream of using in their models…”


“… the thick panels of cast aluminum are not plastic – they are incomparably better [to] dissipate heat from the… the projector, allowing you to slightly increase the brightness… without reducing its service life. In addition, the [chassis design facilitates better cooling]…  and it is possible to slightly reduce the speed of rotation of the fans. In general, a solid metal case for such a projector is rather a natural part of the design, rather than a simple decoration.

Wolf Cinema’s TXF-2000 – a case when [… all elements of… ] the projector are in harmony …  all elements of the design are adjusted so optimally that the result is…  [one of the best high] contrast images in the world.”