Project Description

This design and installation of this exceptional home cinema system was a pleasure for the UltraMedia team from day one.  We enjoyed a wonderful synergy between the homeowner, builder, and interior designer – all of which led us to our end goal.

First, the client embraces and loves new technology.  Also, he has owned multiple home theaters and he wanted to step up the performance in the new media room.  We started by choosing a video screen with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  This allows the family to experience movies in the same format as the commercial theaters.  He also wanted a performance level from the electronics and speakers that would be visceral and would immerse one in the movie.  In other words, he wanted something “substantial” to deliver the ultimate theater experience.

The construction of the room was structurally sound, heavily reinforced with 2x6s. The entire room was insulated to help keep all sound inside the room, and minimize sound leakage to the rest of the house.  The riser base for the back row of chairs was built and reinforced with wood screws, and was fully insulated.  In addition, the walls were sheet-rocked with Quietrock.  This treatment keeps sound from traveling between walls because of its high density coefficient.  Because the media room is on the 2nd floor, a sound barrier was added in the flooring to provide an additional layer of isolation within the room.  The finished walls were treated with custom acoustic panels from Auralex.  The UltraMedia installation team applied absorptive, reflective and diffusive treatments throughout the room to create a well-balanced acoustic environment for both music and movies.  The interior designer brought in a faux painter to create a leather-like texture on the walls.  She very creatively faux painted the acoustic cloth panels to match the leather look and feel of the room.

The room consists of two rows of seating. The front row is a very comfortable pit seating group and the second row utilizes leather theater chairs. All of this leads to a well-appointed, acoustically superior media room, with great sight lines throughout.

A 7.2 complement of Triad speakers are optimally located within the room.  The front three LCR speakers are positioned behind an acoustically transparent Stewart screen. The four surround speakers are located in a horseshoe-shaped configuration and fully envelope the listener with all the subtle (and not-so-subtle) special effects.  Two Triad Gold subwoofers are placed in the corners and are dialed into the room for maximum output and tautness of bass.  Triad builds an in-wall speaker that is fully baffled which minimizes any sound loss through the walls, and the performance is outstanding.

The electronics featured in this media room are also cutting edge.  The Wolf Cinema SDC-15 projector with VariScope optics allowed us to set up the most popular aspect ratios, and project a brilliant image on a 143″ diagonal screen.  We utilized the latest pre/pro from Integra as well as Class D amplification from Bel Canto.  The Integra incorporates Audyssey digital correction circuitry, which measures the room’s properties/acoustics and maximizes sound impact in the room.  The sources include an Oppo Blu ray player, AM/FM, DirecTV HD and AppleTV.  The entire system is controlled by an RTI touchscreen remote for easy, intuitive control.  The image and sound effects together are truly spectacular, and enjoyed frequently by the homeowner and family.

Theater installation design and construction by UltraMedia,