Project Description


UHD/4K DLP® Home Theater Projector, 2200 ANSI, 800,000:1 CR

Wolf Cinema’s latest PRO-617 DLP® home theater projector casts amazing UHD/4K pictures on home cinema screens up to 12’ wide, with the imaging fidelity and theater excitement that clients everywhere have come to expect from Wolf Cinema. The PRO-617 creates natural film-like images with amazing 4K detail, exceptionally balanced peak white and contrast levels, plus superior color renditions. The PRO-617 also boasts the latest in HDR-10 (High Dynamic Range) imaging capabilities – plus a unique HDR emulation mode for non-HDR encoded sources – to create the widest possible dynamic range from all available sources.

When mated with one of our optional ProScaler video processors featuring the remarkable E-VariScope™ technology, you’ll enjoy watching
your favorite 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, etc. aspect ratios on suitable CinemaScope™ 2.35:1 widescreens.