Project Description

Lots of love out there for our ultra-short-throw PRO-85 projector. The wide array of uses and varying installations continue to impress… it’s a great solution for conference and meeting rooms, game rooms, outdoor theaters, excellent for large home theater rear throw screens installations, and much more. Here are a couple of pics taken in one of the local churches in Australia… you can see the PRO-85 hanging just above the screens on a custom mount.
Mike Levi with Klear Sonic Designs who’s team performed the installation, commented:
“The Screen Technics grey screens are mounted in custom steelworks that are hung on an angle either side of the sanctuary with d&b audiotechnik cardioid column speakers on the outside.
“The images look terrific even in the fully lit daytime Mass. The PRO-85 does exactly what it says it will do… I am impressed, as are the congregation. I think we will sell plenty more of them…”
See more of Mike’s excellent workmanship here.