Project Description


Wolf Cinema is dedicated to producing the finest home theater projectors available. Wolf’s DCX projectors deliver Digital Cinema-like quality, powered by Xenon lamps – renowned for their long life and image fidelity. Reliability is inherent in each Wolf projector, with components hand selected for stability and performance. Our systems incorporate sophisticated cooling methods that are years ahead of the rest of the industry.

The DCX series use Xenon lamps, which produce light closest to the spectral distribution of natural sunlight. This pure light is the reason why Xenon lamps have been specified for both optical film projectors and professional digital cinema projectors for the past decades. Wolf DCX projectors make exclusive use of Xenon lamps for the same reasons: they provide the most color-accurate light source yet available. An additional benefit with Xenon lamps is their extended life. When properly specified in consultation with a Wolf technician, Xenon lamps can last substantially longer.

Equally important, Xenon projected images looks better and retain more peak white brightness throughout the life of the lamp. While it is not uncommon for a standard home theater projector to have its image quality and brightness degrade by as much as 40% in the first few hundred hours, Wolf Cinema’s professional Xenon lamps can last 2-3 times longer and will deliver a superior image throughout the lamp’s life.

The ultimate compliment to any Wolf Cinema performance is when we produce the most natural, lifelike images possible. While others strive simply to attain high quality video performance, Wolf engineers looked at the purest form of the visual entertainment arts—film—and sought to incorporate much of film’s “look” and captivating realism into each performance. For example – and in just one key attribute of many in our projectors – each DCX projector is delivered with custom gamma curves that achieve a better looking, breathtakingly real film-like image. The result of all our engineering efforts? A spectacularly natural looking image, from a wide variety of sources.

Wolf Cinema DCX projectors employ our revolutionary VariScope™ technology to showcase 1.78:1 (16:9), 1.85:1, 2.20:1, 2.35:1, 2.40:1 and numerous other aspect ratios, directly through the high-precision primary lens. Other projectors can only produce television-specific aspect ratios (typically 16:9), and require an outboard anamorphic lens to achieve the CinemaScope® widescreen experience.

VariScope’s precision motorized zoom/focus lens technologies can accurately recall dozens of aspect ratios, and down to the precision of 1/2 of a single pixel. For the true film enthusiast you can combine our precision primary VariScope lenses with a VariScope Ultra™ cinema-grade anamorphic lens kit, achieving the widest film aspect ratios ever made.

Included with each system is the Wolf ProScaler that features 6 HDMI inputs, multiple component and composite inputs – plus provides an HDMI loop-through audio output to connect to your home theater surround system. Our ProScaler works seamlessly with the main onboard computer in a DCX projector; it not only processes video at a level that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago, but also executes the seamless command structure between all system components.

Which Wolf Cinema DCX projector is right for you? Screen Size: In general: for screens between 8’ and 12’ horizontal screen width, we recommend the DCX-500. When firing on screens between 10’ and

15’ the DCX-1000 becomes the clear choice, and on screens larger than 15’ wide go with the DCX-1500.

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