Project Description

Here is another really interesting Wolf Cinema residential theater, nestled in a private mountain house in Europe. The theater is located in a “wellness/relaxation zone” of the house, but let’s call it the “fun kid zone” since it looks like a real blast with lots of comfy bean bag chairs. The mountain house is being enjoyed by two families with lot of children. No doubt they are all enjoying their private cinema, watching 2D/3D movies and playing lots of video games…

The cinema includes:

  • Wolf Cinema’s UHD/4K imaging TXF-900 plus a custom rigged Navitar HDSSW08 wide angle lens (to accommodate the short throw distance here)
  • A 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos surround sound configuration
  • 16/9, 135” Severtson Screen using one of their higher-contrast, acoustic transparent grey surfaces – ideal for HD, 4K and 3D viewing
  • Anthem MRX-720 surround sound receiver
  • RBH Sound 5.1.2 (LCR located behind the screen, surround rears and Atmos channels, two subwoofers under the screen)
  • Velox Active HDMI 10m cabling from rack to projector
  • Sources include PS4 game console, Apple TV, Satellite

This theater was designed and installed by Henrich Šoltýs and his team from Cinema Design, S.R.O., in Bratislava.