Of late we’ve experienced a dramatic increase in sales of our ultra-short-throw [UST] projectors, models PRO-85 and PRO-95. These really interesting and highly-flexible projectors enable one to fire onto screens as large as 10’ [3 meters] wide, with the lens positioned at just 30” away [76 cm, or less] from the screen. We’ve seen some excellent installations wrapped up for churches, conference rooms, schools, outdoor theaters, in traditional front projection systems where space is at a premium… and most interestingly, there’s been a resurgence in rear projection home theater screens, with the projector neatly tucked away in-wall.

Here is a great example of our PRO-85 UST projector installed on a custom framework, inclusive of audio sound bars as designed for a church (images courtesy of Klear Sonic Designs):

These diminutive projectors can be mounted above, below or behind the screen… and when using multiple projectors with edge blending techniques, you can fill much wider screens… and in rooms that would challenge any standard front projection system… for example:

I know of clients using our UST projectors for “store signage” – by affixing a diffusing film on the storefront window, on-going product and branding presentations can be running to showcase their business and capabilities… and all from a projector sitting inches behind the window. There are so many possibilities here for you to create new, custom and exciting video presentations via our UST solutions.

The rear projection home theater screen was always one of the more challenging custom installations. In days past it was quite common to require a large, fairly cumbersome mirror assembly to facilitate as short a throw possible from a standard projector. A number of manufacturers still provide such kits, such as the RPX system from Draper:

These are still effective when using large screens and very high output projectors. We’ve also worked with special UST lenses now available for larger projectors (note, these optics are sometimes as expensive, if not more so than many projectors). But with today’s integrated and reasonably-priced UST projectors, it’s as easy as rigging the rear pro screen, and then setting the projector behind the screen on a stable platform… at the appropriate distance and offset position… and voilà, an amazing image is the result!

Another exciting development in this area is the use of lenticular screen surfaces to enjoy video content in VERY bright rooms. On our recent OH/PA “Front Projection Tips and Tricks” dealer tour, we fired our PRO-95 laser/phosphor projector onto a large Screen Innovations 5 Series Zero Edge® ST screen. Not only did we enjoy a fantastic picture with all the lights on in the room, but the screen surface provided for an incredibly wide viewing angle… you could experience a quite viewable image even at a full 180 degrees off axis to the screen! That was truly amazing… here is SI’s Russell Warnhoff demonstrating the benefits of their ST screen vs a standard white vinyl:

So consider the wide range of possibilities here, using the very latest UST projection and screen technologies. Give us a call if you would like to discuss how to integrate one of our ultra-short-throw projectors in your next project.