Greetings to everyone!

I wanted to share a little of the excitement generated from our recent CES 2018 demo theater at the Venetian Hotel.  We appreciate you stopping by:  it was a fabulous event and hopefully you also got a kick from our little home theater presentation.  Below is a summary of the post-show editorials and awards.

The Award Season Continues!

Before discussing the reviews, I was informed we won a “Best of CES – Best Image” award!  Presented by Doug Weinstein, co-founder and managing editor of the Technology Insider Group, he commented to me privately that he thought the TXF-5000 cast one of the best (if not THE finest) image he’d seen in a very, very long time.  And his recognition comes just months after another collaborative effort snagged a “Best of CEDIA” award (this for Best Overall Presentation – the special award for the theater and partners:  Wolf Cinema’s TXF-5000 4K laser/phosphor projector, Seymour-Screen Excellence for their seriously good screen technologies, Audio Excellence’s dynamic new speaker array, prepro from Acurus, UHD/4K content via Kaleidescape’s Strato media player, and more).

This latest accolade is typical Doug:  brief, funny, to the point – read it here

Demo Theater Review #1

Tom Norton, Sound & Vision

The first commentary to hit the streets was by Tom Norton, Ye Electronics Scout and Video Wizard covering the show for Sound & Vision magazine.  I always look forward to Tom’s visits:  he brings along his unique skill set to the dance, with broad A/V knowledge and more – but watch out!  He’ll sit back quietly enjoying your demo, then he’ll step in with lively, often cutting but always timely commentaries that add fuel to the gig.  Frequently he’ll whip out the unexpected, the as-yet-unseen “hot” new UHD demo clip, and he’ll delight in sharing something that expands our home theater horizons.  After that e-ticket ride, out comes pen and paper as he digs deeper into the “what”, “why” and “how” elements of the room.  [Tom, have you ever thought of composing Tom Norton’s Guide To Ultimate Demo Clips…  everyone can follow along as you dive deeper into each video segment:  you’ll explain WHY it’s an effective demo or system evaluation tool, pointing out WHAT things are revealed on screen –  and perhaps things that shouldn’t be!  Make it so Tom[… and please forward my standard compensatory brainstorming fees to my home address, thanks in advance!]

Bottom line, he’s one tough hard working dude covering all the major CES venues, sitting through countless presentations ranging from The Good, The Bad and The (OMG !) Ugly.  No doubt he’s fried to a crisp after walking the show far and wide – but there are those moments of joy when he discovers THE NEXT BIG THING, the latest in consumer electronic wonders, as then shares those discoveries with us in his show reports.  This year, Wolf Cinema was featured quite early in his CES coverage:

Tom always enjoys our projectors and presentations (see the 5th paragraph of his CES report). Ultimately I see him making the case… without necessarily saying so in those exact words… that Wolf Cinema delivers superior images out of every platform, from our least expensive to reference level.

Demo Theater Review #2

Scott Wilkinson, AVS Forum

Also published a few days after the show was this article by Scott Wilkinson – ISF calibrator, noted AVS Forum contributor, a fine gentlemen indeed with a golden set of eyeballs for All Things Video.  He’s a fine writer and first-rate evaluator of video solutions.  For starters, he loved the two projectors and images as presented in this year’s theater.  A year ago at CES 2017 Scott previewed an early version of our TXF-5000three-chip D-ILA Blu-escent™ laser/phosphor home theater projector.  He was quite enthusiastic back then, and remains so today about such bespoke editions.  Each time he sees this projector, he smiles and gives me the “thumbs WAY up” while basking in the pictures cast by this very special 4K engine.  [His comments a year ago after the lights came up: “It was spectacular!” And to think, we’ve made a number of significant refinements and firmware improvements since that initial TXF-5000 launch].

During this year’s CES show Scott ‘fell into serious like’ with one of our latest, more modestly priced UHD/4K DLP® home projectors – PRO-617.  Our team already knew this is one terrific imager, a projector that might be set at or near the top of its class.  The PRO-617 is outfitted with TI’s latest 0.66” DLP® 4K chip set, projecting razor-sharp pictures from all faorite SD, HD, UHD/4K and 4K HDR-enabled sources.  This baby casts bright, punchy images [peak white at 2200 ANSI], with excellent black levels/shadow details, a nicely-balanced color palette, and more.  And from the custom installer’s perspective, the PRO-617 is relatively easy to install with vertical lens shift, extra-long lamp life and easily accessible replacement lamp section, runs ultra-quiet…  and she looks great just sitting there, wrapped in our tidy grey aluminum/metal dress.  In short, there’s lots to like here, with very few compromises and surprisingly good 4K performance – all at a very affordable price.  Initial sales and dealer/client feedback has been quite positive, so we expect continued great things to come from this exciting new Wolf Cinema platform.


If you’re still with me this far, please indulge me for yet another minute or two more;  I’d like to share an interesting “back story” here.  This is a moment I will never forget –  for 40-some-odd years, I’ve been fussing and fuming with high end video gear.  And in all my days with some very serious and capable uber-products, I’ve never experienced anything remotely like this


Our CES theater was continuously lit by the TXF-5000, with the diminutive PRO-617 sitting nearby as our static display unit.  As show traffic slowed a bit on Thursday, I decided to dash through a quick set-up and test firing of this new DLP solution.  Rummaging around the storage area, I found a suitable Dynaudio empty loudspeaker box, set the projector on top [now perched rather precariously and wobbling slightly, but deemed OK for this test].  I powered her up, loaded a suitable grid test pattern, adjusted the optics, saw she was way off kilter, grabbed two of those lovely, thick Dynaudio brochures and a small stack of soon-to-be-strategically-placed Wolf Cinema business cards.  [Nothing but the finest in our traveling demo kit].  Voilà, close enough:  I then selected from my well-worn selection of demo clips, hit ‘play’ – and to my utter astonishment, I was seeing an absolutely perfect image right out of the box!

Now, folks that know me best – I’m a pretty fussy guy when it comes to picture quality.  I’m happiest with a remote control in hand, poking away and fine tuning every setting. This time I never even called up theprojector’s menu.  As I ran through clip after clip, I could tell that the peak white and black levels were spot on, colors accurate and quite pleasing to my eye [I knew they were correct since I’d seen these particular snippets oh maybe 5,000 times].  And dare I say it as well, the picture from that little projector was simply amazing!  It was so breathtakingly real, lively, true to life…  as it should be from every Wolf Cinema solution.  But in all my days in this business, this was the first time that I couldn’t do anything to improve/fix/adjust the image.  Needless to say I was both pleased and frustrated – there’s nothing worse than this videot’s itchy finger hovering over the menu access button, with nothing to do!!!

This was the perfect “out of box” experience.  Scott, Tom and many of you saw this little engine ‘do its thing’ and were equally impressed.  Scott’s review link:

I can only hope we provide similar such positive experiences with every Wolf Cinema projector.  Our team truly loves this business, and remain committed to delivering solutions that always meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.  Our work lives can swing between downright amazing to more frustrating than an IKEA product build –  but it’s these special moments, the wonder of something new, the positive & enthusiastic accolades from industry peers and pundits alike – these are the experiences that make navigating the toughest business seas all the more worthwhile.

The PRO-617 single-chip UHD/4K DLP® projector is available from all Wolf Cinema dealers, at a suggested No. American Retail of $5,995 [International pricing may vary].  The PRO-617’s ‘big brother’ – our Theater Extreme Series model TXF-700 – provides an even slightly more refined image with higher peak white output, and comes dressed ‘to the nines’ in our finest, formal black and silver trim.  This edition is also shipping at a suggested MSRP of $7,000.  The spec sheets for both projectors are attached, plus a copy of our award-winning TXF-5000 three-chip home cinematic marvel.  As a reminder I also tossed in a couple of photos of our demo theater – kudos to our partners this year:  Audio Control for their Maestro M9 prepro and Pantages G3 theater amps;  Dynaudio for their fabulous sounding 5.2 Contour speaker array, 4K servers fromKaleidescape and RED, Chris Seymour and his company Seymour-Screen Excellence and for his fabulous ~11’ wide 2.37:1 ‘Scope screen, with the unique ambient light rejecting surface known as Ambient Visioneer.