I recently replied to a Wolf Cinema dealer in some detail as to the many problems in acquiring and distributing native 4K content throughout the home of tomorrow

[much less today, we’re nowhere near ready with infrastructure and bandwidth].  It’s great that we now have lots of pretty flat panel and projection systems that tout advanced 4K imaging capabilities, but the key question remains:  “Where’s the content?”  “How will we get true 4K/Ultra HD/2160p films and TV programs into our homes?”  And even more critical, how will you, our Custom Installation Gurus, distribute said content to the 4K panels and projectors as scattered throughout the castle?  4K content acquisition and distribution is far from simple, far from being solved and for years will be the true “fly” in the 4K viewer’s ointment.

This is a good article by Mark Coxon, frequent contributor to rAVe’s blogs.  Read it and you’ll gain further insight as to the many 4K challenges and pitfalls ahead of us all.