Wolf Cinema is dedicated to producing some of the finest home cinema projection systems yet available. Wolf Cinema is well known for imaging prowess, delivering the ultimate large screen experience for the most demanding video enthusiast. Yet beyond the imaging excellence, our total commitment to product quality, client satisfaction, system longevity and reliability are the foundations that define our company. Long term product reliability remains a core objective for Wolf Cinema, with each system built under the highest quality standards, and including sophisticated cooling methods that remain years ahead of the rest of the industry.

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Important Tech White Paper

Read the White Paper on the ground-breaking technology inside Wolf Cinema's new DLD‑380FD Laser Projector.
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Single Chip DLP® With Advanced ProScaler MK III Video Processor

Wolf Cinema proudly presents our “top value” home cinema projection ensemble, at a truly breakthrough price – the SDC-6 system, featuring our latest […]



Wolf Cinema’s “GRAYWOLF” 3D Cinema Projector

Wolf Cinema proudly announces the model SDC-8, the first in a new series for 2013 and affectionately known as “GrayWolf”. This all-new home cinema projector […]



Wolf Cinema’s “PUP” 3D Cinema Projector

Wolf Cinema announces key 2013 upgrades to our best selling projector – the model SDC-10. Affectionately known as the “PUP,” the SDC-10 is an advanced home […]



Wolf Cinema’s “GRAYWOLF 4K” 3D Cinema Projector

Wolf Cinema is proud to announce key feature upgrades to our next-generation Wolf Cinema V4K™ projector, and the second in the GrayWolf series […]



Wolf Cinema’s “CUB” 3D Cinema Projector

Wolf Cinema is pleased to announce key feature and performance upgrades to our next-generation Wolf Cinema projector. Undergoing annual improvements since the original 2011 edition, […]



“3D” LED Home Theater Projection System

Introducing Wolf Cinema’s next-generation 2D/3D “lamp-less” home theater ensemble – the model SDC-18.

Sharing many of the attributes of our flagship LED ensemble, the more affordable […]



Ultra-Bright 2D/3D Home Cinema Ensemble

Wolf Cinema proudly unveils our latest high-performance 2D/3D ensemble – the SDC-20 home cinema projector. This unique package is delivered with our newest HD 1080p […]



Single Chip DLP® With Advanced LED Light Engine

Imagine years of 2D and 3D viewing excellence and never having to endure a fading image, or change out a projector lamp! The […]


DLD-280 FD

DLD-280FD Laser DLP® Projector
Introducing Wolf Cinema’s DLD-280FD breakthrough DLP® home cinema projector – featuring our remarkable new BluHD™ Laser phosphor illumination technology for up to 20,000 hours of imaging excellence!

Enjoy years of […]



DCD-300FD Home Cinema Projector
A superior 8000 ANSI dual lamp DLP® light engine.

Presenting yet another powerful performer, Wolf Cinema proudly unveils our latest “light cannon” – the DCD-300FD projector and outboard rack-mountable […]



Our latest 2D/3D high performance, 7500 ANSI home theater projection system.

Wolf Cinema presents an exciting new 2D/3D light engine for very large cinema screens, or those challenging rooms with higher […]



The future comes together in our newest V4K™ laser-illuminated ensemble, the DLD‑380FD home cinema projection system.

Long-life Blu-Escent™ laser modules create stunning images from all your favorite sources, handled by a next-generation three-chip, […]



Wolf Cinema presents the DCD-450FD home cinema projection system, incorporating an all new HD projector and outboard ProScaler MK II™. This high performance ensemble starts with an ultra-bright 380W lamp […]



12,000 ANSI dual lamp home theater projector with ProScaler MK III
Enjoy ultra-bright, bold and colorful imagery from today’s best sources with Wolf Cinema’s
latest high-performance projection system, the DCD-500FD. Boasting 12,000 […]



Wolf Cinema’s REFERENCE Series 2D/3D Home Cinema Projector

Wolf Cinema presents one of the most advanced 2D/3D home projection systems yet available – the REF-700 cinema projector. This special platform has […]



Wolf Cinema’s Flagship REFERENCE 2D/3D Home Cinema Projector
Wolf Cinema proudly presents our flagship 2D/3D projection system – the REF-1000 home cinema projector. This all-new reference home theater platform has been […]



Presenting our next generation REFERENCE series 4K system – the Wolf Cinema REF-2000 home cinema projector with outboard ProScaler MK IV. This exciting home theater ensemble delivers the very latest […]


ProScaler MK II

Wolf Cinema proudly introduces the next-generation Wolf Cinema ProScaler MK II video processor. Engineered in consort with industry guru Jim Peterson, this advanced 2D/3D system can be mated with any Wolf Cinema […]


ProScaler MK III

The engineering team at Wolf Cinema is pleased to offer yet another separate ProScaler video processor – and at a highly competitive price! The all-new ProScaler MK III provides for […]


ProScaler MK V

Wolf Cinema is pleased to announce a second all-new ProScaler edition, co-designed by our engineers and industry leader Jim Peterson. Presenting the ProScaler MK V – an advanced home theater processor […]