Wolf Cinema News

On March 13, 2014 we enjoyed a unique training on the Wolf Cinema brand of projectors.

The High-End of the AV business has its stars, its famous artists. One such person is the Director of Sales and Marketing for the American company Wolf Cinema – Jim McGall. His seminars are unique events and cover a wide range of topics: the aspects of high quality video playback, the general principles of image creation, the human perception aspect of theater imagery, the history of 70 mm film, and of course a review of the new lineup from Wolf Cinema.

About 30 MMS Cinema dealers gathered in the company’s conference room and enjoyed his presentation on the latest Wolf Cinema products. For 2014 the company has launched three new DLP projectors – tbe models SDC-6, SDC-20 and SDC-25. All three are based on the Texas Instruments DLP® chip set and also come with an advanced remote video processor. All systems can playback 3D content and are delivered in new, compact form factors, which are certain to be appreciated by cinema enthusiasts everywhere, and now with even fewer restrictions on the projector placement within the room.

An important parameter for quality image is brightness. Jim McGall drew attention to the fact that even the brightness of the “little” model SDC-6 is almost two times more than that of comparable units. All the seminar participants enthusiastically observed the proprietary control system “VariScope” which is available even in the entry-level Wolf projectors. Variscope allows one to do without expensive

[and complex to install] anamorphic lenses. Switching to your desired image format is a simple choice from the menu, and takes place electronically.

The seminar also discussed the key methods for obtaining high-quality images, the basics of video colorimetry and other such interesting topics.